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Felix is uptight and unlucky in love. He’s the mate of honour at his best friend’s wedding - one they’ve been planning since childhood - and he’s going to make sure it’s absolutely perfect. That is, as long as there are no distractions along the way…


Will Jackson’s hilarious, heart-warming, queer rom-com Confetti received critical acclaim at Edinburgh Fringe (2022) and toured over 60 performances across the UK, including sell-out shows and a Soho Theatre run.

Confetti is produced by Quick Duck Theatre with funding and support from New Vic Theatre, Arts Council England & Attenborough Arts Centre.


Publicity Photographs

Emma Jones (Publicity), Jonathan Williams & Rachel Baker (Production)




Production Team

Writer & Performer - Will Jackson                          Director - Hannah Birkin

Production Manager - Chaz Webb         Sound Designer & Composer - Tom Rackham

Designer - Maria Terry        Movement Director - Eleanor Rattenbury

Dramaturg - Joanna Bowman        Co-Producer - Ben Anderson

Assistant Producers - Hannah Valente, Jo Wickham        Carpenter - Matthew Gardner



Scott Wddell, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

"This is the second one-man LGBTQIA+ rom-com from Jackson and it exceeds an already high bar. Confetti is a gorgeously enjoyable and engaging show full of warmth and humour. To be able to do a full three act narrative plus plot twists and character development in a one hour fringe show is only possible because of Jackson’s writing and performing skills. It is a delight to catch this funny, well written and engaging one man play. This is the sort of show that makes a company an Edinburgh Festival name and it’s guaranteed that audiences will return in 2023 to see what they’ll bring next time. "

Paul T Davies, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

"Will Jackson gives a hugely affable and likeable performance and you find yourself rooting for Felix from the start! Excellent and non-threatening audience participation makes us part of the show, and his script is tight, there’s no slack, and the comedy lands every single time! The characters are totally believable, and the plot thickens nicely to a very satisfying conclusion! It’s a ball, and I urge you to see it, it will capture that feel-good mood you may be looking for after the last couple of years."

Sarah MacDonald, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

"Will Jackson returns magnificent to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with another one-man show, Confetti. Jackson’s performance is an unapologetically queer and nuanced exploration of the rom-com with a twist. It is a collective effort of lighting, writing, and acting. It speaks to the word-of-mouth culture that allows us to seek out representation that adequately mirrors the subtlety of the queer experience and celebrates it for all the good, bad and everything in-between. However, it is Jackson’s captivating capacity for characterisation that truly adds unique flare to an hour of humour, heart, and honesty."

Thomas Messner, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

"For the lion’s share of the hour, Jackson is the stage’s sole occupant, but not only does his ebullient work imbue Felix with full, multidimensional life, it also creates a vivid supporting cast surrounding him as well. Come its close, Confetti had arrived at moments of earned pathos on the winding path to its uplifting conclusion. Said conclusion makes the case for the bravery of an unapologetically romantic worldview, as well as the value of friendships over romantic love."

Sadhana Narayanan, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

"This is the theatre dream of any fans of cheesy, romance-filled movies. I’ve always wanted to see a rom-com on stage, and this is the ideal embodiment. Jackson put his all into his performance, creating a character that the whole audience wants to be friends with. I loved how the lighting design was able to capture the snapshots of different locations and how the music was able to make the whole show feel like a party. The props were well utilised and gorgeous: there was even one that made the audience gasp audibly because of how beautiful it looked.

My only wish was that this show was longer, ‘Confetti’ is the light, joyful antidote to the heavier stuff on at the Fringe."

Meg Erridge, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

"Prepare to have your hearts warmed by this confidently executed, comic tale of love, lust and canapés. As Felix, Jackson is immediately likeable. He builds an excellent rapport with the audience, and his energy throughout the show is astounding. Jackson does a particularly good job at creating convincing characters in whom we are fully invested, despite them never actually appearing on stage. He is clearly a highly skilled writer and performer, and I’d happily see a show by him again!"

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