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Yours Sincerely

The year is 2017. Average graduate debt has hit £50,000, Kylie Minogue is making a comeback and Will Jackson has accidentally stolen 300 2nd class stamps from the Post Office. But he’s making them count. He’s going to write letters. From reconnecting with old friends and ex-boyfriends to run-ins with the marketing department at John Lewis, stamp-collecting has never looked so sexy...
Based off of real life correspondences, storytelling and lipsync cabaret collide in this queer coming of age comedy about the complications of 21st-century communication.

Yours Sincerely was originally produced and developed by the Birmingham Repertory Theatre as part of
their Foundry Artist Festival on the 14th and the 16th of November 2018. This production was then produced by Quick Duck Theatre for VAULT Festival in London in 2019. It has since been produced by Quick Duck at King's Head, Departure Lounge and for a very successful run at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It is currently touring the UK including returning to the Birmingham REP, and visiting the SOHO Theatre and Tobacco Factory Theatres, amongst many other venues.

Production Photographs

Elafris (REP Foundry), Matthew Cawry (Departure Lounge)



Beverly Sproats, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

"It is genuinely very difficult to write five star reviews, because often there is so little to mention except to repeatedly call out a show’s positives. Jackson makes this job doubly difficult, by providing one of the funniest, most moving one person shows of the entire Fringe."

Sarah MacDonald, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

"“Yours Sincerely” by the Quick Duck Theatre is one of the most palpably funny and heart-wrenching one-man performances in this year’s Fringe. This performance is one of the funniest, most energetic, uniquely enriching experiences of the Fringe."

Mirren Wilson, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

"Will Jackson is an actor, writer and lovable character. He’s also a top-class lip-syncer who loves to engage with his audience. Full of OTT bubbliness he transforms into many letter-writing alter egos with vocal clarity and skill. He’s a great comic, who works at pace, dancing around the chaotic set."

Alan Stuart Malin, Vaults Festival 2019

"Jackson is clearly very talented and his ability to make the audience laugh, quite literally throw himself around the stage and engage the audience totally in the characters is a testament to not only to his own script writing and performance abilities but also Anna Himali Howard’s skilled direction."

Richard Maguire, Vaults Festival 2019

"Jackson is a very charismatic performer throwing himself into every role and throwing himself across every inch of the box-strewn stage. His energy is infectious, and you can’t help but root for him. Under Anna Himali Howard’s slick direction and with Tom Rackham’s sound design, Yours Sincerely is uplifting and entertaining, with the reveals coming in all the right places. It certainly delivers."




Production Team

Writer - Will Jackson        Director - Anna Himali Howard        Producer - Catherine Fowles 

Composer/Sound Designer - Tom Rackham        Lighting Designer - Jack Weir

Designer - Ebrahim Nazier        Movement Director - Lanre Malalou

REP Foundry Production

Associate Directors - Daniel Bailey & Tessa Walker        Production Manager - Milorad Žakula

Stage Manager - Laura Stone        Deputy Stage Manager - Anna Lambert
Caption Designer - Thomas Moran        Caption Operator - Amy Schofield
R&D Stage Manager - Myer Daniels

Further Productions

Associate Director - Lucy Bird        Production Manager - Lauren Young

Stage/Production Manager - Chaz Webb       DSM - Kirsty Bennett

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