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Fashion Spies

A queer, choose-your-own, family adventure filled with deception, divas and catwalk crooks.


At fashion weeks across the globe, expensive must-have items have been stolen, and every top-secret agent sent to investigate has been kidnapped! With the infamous annual Burnwell-upon-Twynne Fashion Week around the corner, the Secret Agency Service has no other option but to send in the spy academy’s entire undergraduate class to solve the case - that’s you!

A queer, choose-your-own adventure made for families, Fashion Spies puts audiences right into the heart of the show. Find yourself on an undercover mission as you travel around the world with Quick Duck Theatre - your choices will help to thwart the biggest threat that fashion has ever seen. You’ll be equipped with a spy pack for the duration of the mission, with all the gadgets you might need, disguised as pieces of fabric and toilet roll tubes. The stakes and the shoulder pads have never been higher.

Fashion Spies is produced by Quick Duck Theatre with support from the New Vic Theatre, Peggy Ramsay Foundation & Arts Council England.

Production Photographs

Graeme Braidwood




Production Team

Director/Writer - Will Jackson         Stage Manager - Chaz Webb

Assistant Director - Hannah Birkin         Designer - Maria Terry        Co-Producer - Ben Anderson

Assistant Producers - Hannah Valente, Jo Wickham        Publicity - Storytelling PR



Fashion Spies - Press Image 4 - Graeme Braidwood Photography.jpg

Abbi Greenwood

Fashion Spies - Press Image 5 - Graeme Braidwood Photography.jpg

Jack Davies

Fashion Spies - Press Image 11 - Graeme Braidwood Photography.jpg

Eleanor Rattenbury

Supported By


Antonia Strafford-Taylor

Fashion Spies' early development was supported by PILOT Nights, China Plate & In Good Company. It was shortlisted for the 2020 TicketsIgnite Artist Fund & the 2020 Leicester Curve & Pleasance Theatre’s EdFringe Initiative.


Previous casts have included; Lucy Bird, Abbie Cooper, Lucy Robinson, Lydia Stone.



Sarah MacDonald, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

"A celebration of comedy, campness and physical theatre – Quick Duck Theatre has produced another excellent show. This fast-paced, action packed spy/fashion adventure is a work of interactive genius. Be it you or your kids – there is humour for all. Kim Possible meets couture in this whirlwind adventure. Audience participation can often feel contrived; the actors’ enthusiasm is genuinely contagious and the narrative of the writing so consuming that the audience is aching to be involved. The show mixes excellent writing with fantastic physicality. Each actor shows themselves to be abundantly capable of characterising a range of personas, they show the creativity to ad lib, and comic ability akin to (if not surpassing) some of the famous faces that have joined us here in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival."

Matilda Cox, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

"Quick Duck Theatre’s Fashion Spies really is a lot of fun. Honestly, I had next to no idea what to expect from this show, but any - admittedly rather negative - preconceptions I did have about family comedies (particularly those involving audience participation) were wrong. Fashion Spies does a fantastic job at balancing involvement from the audience and the focus rightly stays on the highly imaginative and fast-paced plot and the cast’s impressive and amusingly diverse characterisations. It has everything you could ask for in a Fringe family show: drama, intrigue, fashion, and plenty of jokes."

Sophie Rose Walters, Old Joint Stock 2022

"The audience were handed props, building excitement. As we sat down, it was hard not to smile. Already we were part of the production and involved with the audience, who were in the heart of the show from the get-go. We found ourselves being part of an undercover mission, travelling around the world. I recommend this production to anyone who adores fashion, sass and comedy. These talented performers transport you to another dimension of acting. I would love to go and watch it again!"

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